Special General Meeting


Dear Members,

Notice is hereby given to all members of Winston Hills Little Athletics Centre Incorporated (“the Centre”) of a Special General Meeting at which the following resolutions will be proposed as special resolutions to adopt a Constitution and incorporate the association Special resolutions of the Committee Members Adoption of constitution Record of resolutions of the Committee Members of the Club

Date & Time: Wednesday 9 th March 2022. 7:30pm
Location: Zoom Conferencing

Please email Jeff, the Club Secretary for Zoom Meeting Details should you wish to attend.

Special Resolutions

The WHAC Committee hereby advises that the following special resolutions will be put at the Special General Meeting

1. Adoption of new constitution
RESOLVED THAT, subject to clause 2, the Club adopt the constitution that is attached hereto as Annexure “A” (Constitution) as the Constitution of the Club.

2. When the Change will take effect.
RESOLVED THAT the adoption of the Constitution as the Constitution of the Club pursuant to clause 1 will take effect immediately upon the passing of these resolutions.

3. Application to register change
RESOLVED THAT the Club do all things and sign all things as may be necessary to register the The adopted Constitution but not limited to signing and registering the form attached hereto as Annexure “B” (FormA6 )

Procedural Matters

  • To be passed the Special Resolutions must receive votes in favour from not less than 75% of those members who being eligible to do so vote in person on the Special Resolutions at the meeting.
  • The Special Resolutions should be read in conjunction with the notes to members that follow this Notice. The amendments to the constitution are clearly highlighted in the attached version, and an explanation follows this attachment.
  • The committee recommends that members vote in favour of all three Special Resolutions.

Please see the links below for more information:

We hope you will be able to join us for the meeting, integral to the ongoing success of our Centre.


Jeffrey Grubba
WHLAC Secretary