President’s Message

On behalf of the committee of Winston Hills Athletics Centre I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all athletes and families to the 2021-22 season.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions enforcing changes to the way we ran the club and our Saturday mornings, last season was hugely successful for WHAC in terms of athlete development, achievement and enjoyment. I look forward to our continued success and growing club spirit.

Little Athletics, as with most junior sports, is run by volunteers. Each age group has an age manager who coordinates the running of events according to the weekly program. They are the face of our club and do so much to promote our sport, encouraging participation and fun every week. We are fortunate to have so much valuable experience and enthusiasm to guide our young athletes.

We also have a team of volunteers who setup equipment, run events by starting races and timekeeping, enter results and maintain our track and equipment. Without the support of all these people, our club simply would not function. Any parents or supporters who would like to be more involved are always welcome, just come and chat to a committee member. We will happily train anyone who wants to give something a go and it’s very likely you’ll find it simple and fun.

At WHAC we have a policy of permitting parents and carers access to competition areas to promote involvement in our sport. Our field has no fences behind which parents need to stay. You are encouraged to remain with your child and assist the age manager in the running of events, as well as “crowd control” especially with the younger age groups. We find this environment fosters a positive club spirit and enhances the experience for all. All we ask is that care is taken at all times when crossing the running tracks and when moving near field event areas. The safety of all our members and spectators is of utmost importance.

To keep up with all the news from WHAC, please visit our website, Facebook or Instagram pages. All our social media sites are updated regularly with photos and happenings from Gooden Reserve and contain a wealth of information about the club. We will also send regular emails to families throughout the season to update you on important happenings. In particular, I encourage all athletes to check out our coaching schedule. At WHAC we offer free coaching across all disciplines provided by a team of dedicated, qualified athletics coaches. Most coaching caters to all age groups (for events offered in the program), and all is beneficial to athlete development. As a bonus, everyone who attends coaching meets athletes from other age groups and has a great time honing their skills.

Lastly, to all our athletes, I wish for you a season full of fun, friendship, improvement and achievement. Set goals and train to achieve them but always do it with a smile and in the true spirit of Little Athletics.

Steven Pospischil