Parent Assistance


A success of this Centre has been our great team spirit. This has been due to a sharing of the ideals of “Family, Fun and Fitness”. All parents are encouraged to provide positive encouragement to all athletes.


The Centre’s success is based on the efforts of all its parents and athletes. Without regular help the Centre is unable to provide the level of support required to uphold its high standards.

In addition to our regular volunteers, around 20 parent helpers are required to run the mornings events each Saturday. Assistance is required with the setting up of the equipment, running of the events, BBQ duties and equipment pack up. Our healthy membership numbers mean that each family is only required to assist two or three times per year. Your participation leads to the smooth running of events and is very much appreciated by your children and their age managers.

This season each family has been allocated a specific duty. Please see the parent helper roster to check the dates your family has been allocated a duty. Please arrange your own swaps if any dates don’t suit and advise our Officer for Officials, Phil Dew, of the new arrangements by emailing

It is also a requirement that the parents of children selected for representative carnivals make themselves available to act as helpers at these Carnivals.

Acting as Officials

Without parental assistance to act as officials, the mornings events cannot begin. Athletics, unlike other sports such as soccer, netball or football, requires a large number of people to control the events adequately and in a safe manner. At WHLAC we need approximately 40 parents EVERY WEEK, to run the events. This excludes Age Managers, Committee and Equipment teams. These Officials include starters, track chiefs and timers, recorders, jumps assistants and throws assistants.

Don’t be apprehensive about using a stopwatch, or assisting at other venues. We run training and familiarisation sessions both before and during the season. You will find it much easier to start with timing a 6th place for a while until you become more proficient. There are a number of qualified officials in the Centre, who can provide guidance, so don’t be bashful when officials are called for. Have a go – you may find it more rewarding to be involved and you may even have fun.

Canteen & BBQ

The Canteen & BBQ operate each Saturday morning from about 8:00am until 12:00pm. All proceeds from the sale of food and drinks go to WHLAC and benefit our athletes.