Officer for Records & Ranking: Jane Francis

Our athletes constantly perform to their own very high levels and have, over the more than 40 years the club has been in existence, set some tremendous records. We would like to highlight these achievements in recognition of athletes past and present.

To view all the Winston Hills Little Athletics Centre records, please follow the relevant link below to pdf files which contain the records for each age group:

Boys Records

Girls Records

Season 2022-23 Records
Date Athlete Mark Event
11/03/2023 Vanessa Apel 42.70m Vanessa Apel
11/03/2023 Aaron Chevalier 38.42m U13B Discus
11/03/2023 Shreya Iyer 11.64s U8G 60m Hurdles
11/03/2023 Samantha Torrens 7:13.70min U17G 1500m Walk
11/03/2023 Sanjana Iyer 14.31s U12G 80m Hurdles
04/03/2023 Taine Katalinic 11.40m U12B Shot Put
11/02/2023 Lucas Scerri 12.91m U17B Triple Jump
11/02/2023 Vanessa Apel 1.71m Vanessa Apel
04/02/2023 Sanjana Iyer 25.43m U12G Javelin
04/02/2023 Isaac Chevalier 46.43m U17B Javelin
04/02/2023 Nate Appleyard 5:00.01 U10B 1100m Walk
10/12/2022 Lucas Scerri 44.61sec U17B 300m Hurdles
10/12/2022 Jayda Isherwood 14.53sec U11G 80m Hurdles
10/12/2022 Sanjana Iyer 14.58sec U12G 80m Hurdles
26/11/2022 Rachel Bardney 12.55m U17G Shot Put
26/11/2022 Matilda Webb 7:02.90 U14G 1500m Walk
26/11/2022 Aaron Chevalier 37.14m U13B Discus
05/11/2022 Samantha Torrens 7:27.43 U17G 1500m Walk
Season 2021-22 Records
Date Athlete Mark Event
22/01/2022 Sanjana Iyer 15.410s u11 G 80m Hurdles
15/01/2022 Isaac Chevalier 43.58m u15 B Javelin
15/01/2022 Sanjana Iyer 25.63m u11 G Discus
08/01/2022 Jayda Isherwood 1.20m u10 G High Jump
08/01/2022 Lachlan Wood 23.560s u17 B 200m
08/01/2022 Shreya Iyer 9.400s u7 G 50m
04/12/2021 Vanessa Apel 1.58m u17 G High Jump
04/12/2021 Lachlan Wood 52.09s u17 B 400m
21/11/2021 Rhys Webster 14.66m u14 B 90m Hurdles
21/11/2021 Caeleb Henderson 1.24m u15 B 100m Hurdles
Season 2020-21 Records
Date Athlete Mark Event
13/03/2021 Aaron Chevalier 38.17m u11 B Discus
13/03/2021 Rohnan Lindsay 35.20m u13 B Discus
13/03/2021 Xander Reckerman 6:49.90min 1500m Walk
13/03/2021 Emilia Muccino 16.43s u11 G 80m Hurdles
13/03/2021 Charlie Andrews 14.04s u11 B 80m Hurdles
06/03/2021 Caitlyn Martin 15.85s u12 G 80m Hurdles
06/03/2021 Patrick Morris 9.89s u6 B 50m
06/03/2021 Theodore Foggo 9.08s u7 B 50m
06/03/2021 Jayda Isherwood 1.16m u9 G High Jump
06/03/2021 Taine Katalinic 1.24m u10 B High Jump
27/02/2021 Emilia Rebaza 23.27m u11 G Discus
30/01/2021 Aaron Chevalier 26.63m u11 B Javelin
19/12/2020 Theodore Foggo 1.44.96 u7 B 500m Pack
19/12/2020 Sophie Hoddinett 10.43s u7 G 50m
05/12/2020 Shreya Iyer 10.38s u6 G 50m
21/11/2020 Vanessa Apel 1.63m u15 G High Jump
14/11/2020 Lachlan Wood 11.43s u17 B 100m
14/11/2020 Rhys Webster 13.31s u13 B 80m Hurdles
14/11/2020 Lachlan Wood 23.72s u17 B 200m

For those who may be interested, you can also find NSW State Records and Australian Best Performances on the LAANSW website, Competitions – Records page.