About the Committee

WHLAC is run by parents for the benefit of children. Your support is essential to the running of the centre and for the enjoyment of the children. Each year a committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting. If you have any ideas or suggestions please approach any member of the committee, or better still, come to a General Meeting and discuss them with the committee.

There is a continuing process of renewal of athletes (and therefore parents), with the exit of older athletes and entry of younger children. The Committee is always able to use the talents and enthusiasm of any parent who would like to contribute, even by assisting or even “shadowing” in one of the roles. The current Committee positions are listed above – please talk to any Committee member if you are interested.

Any support you can offer in other ways (ie. financial, access to equipment, other resources or publicity) would be gratefully appreciated.

Committee Meetings

Details of any suggestions or problems may be forwarded in writing to any member of the committee before a meeting. Committee meetings are scheduled for one saturday afternoon per month, at Gooden Reserve, unless otherwise stated.

General Meetings

You are cordially invited to come along to the General Meetings and help us make the right decisions for your children. General Meetings keep parents informed of developments occurring within our Centre and community. These Meetings are held in conjunction with specific Committee Meetings, generally in November and February of each season.

Specific details will be provided on the website and in our Newsletter.

Annual General Meeting

A new committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in April or May each year. For details on the next AGM, please see our Annual General Meeting page.

Current By-Laws

We have recently updated our Regulations documentation. It can be seen here Regulations.

Executive Office Bearers – 2024/2025

Office Name Contact
President Steven Pospischil
Vice President David Macheski
Secretary Nicole Martin
Treasurer  Sophie Bryant
Registrar Melinda Hodinett 
Management Committee – General Members – 2023/2024

Role Name Contact
Canteen Please contact us if you are interested in running the canteen.
Championships Revathi Krishnan
Coaching Steve Pospischil
Computers & Timing Gates Scott Johnston
Constitution & Conflicts Steven Pospischil
Cross Country Jane Francis
Equipment David Macheski
Facebook Administrators Anna Chevalier
Revathi Krishnan
Steven Pospischil
Grounds Luke Zapatero
David Macheski
Health & Safety TBC TBC
Officer for Age Managers Natalie Kolodziej-Harrison
Public Officer David Macheski
Records and Rankings Jane Francis
Schools Liaison Officer Johnny Morris
Member Communication Alison Fahey
Seniors Athletics Officer Revathi Krishnan & Anna Chevalier
Social / Child protection Alison Andrews
Sponsorship / Marketing TBC
ANSW Club Delegate TBC TBC
Track & Field Officer Alison Andrews
Trophies Belinda Waddington
Uniforms Adam Goldberg
Volunteers and Parent Helpers TBC
Webmaster Anna Chevalier
Zone delegates Revathi Krishnan
Steven Pospischil