Running Day Information

A program of events is conducted every Saturday morning during the season, except when Association Carnivals reduce the number of competitors and helpers to a low level.

During the Saturday morning meets, boys and girls are divided into groups according to age as of December 31st in the year of registration – please see the age matrix. Each age group of boys and girls is supervised by an Age Manager.

What events will my child participate in?

COVID safety and preparation has been our key off season focus. WHAC has a COVID safety plan to comply with NSW Health requirements. There are a number of changes for the 20/21 season start. To keep ground attendees under 500, the session times have been split to:

  • Juniors (tots to u11s) – 7:30-9:15
  • Walks/Middle Distance – 9:15-9:45
  • Seniors (u12s to u17s) – 9:45-11:15.

For each the of the junior and senior age group sessions, we have switched to a 3-week timed program. This has been done to maximize activity across sessions.

You can view these programs on the Weekly Programs page, OR click on the following links to view programs as a jpg.

For more information on the running day programs, please go to the Running Day Programs page.
For more information on the events, please go to the Events Specifications page.
For the current version of the LANSW Rules of Competition, please go to the LANSW Rules of Competition page.

What Time Does Running Day Start?

We are reviewing our running day programs to ensure we adhere to all COVID-19 safe protocols. This information will be updated late August 2020.

What is the Wet Weather Policy?

In case of wet weather, the WHLAC home page and the WHLAC Facebook page will be updated when possible.

To check if Council’s grounds are opened or closed please call 9843 0354 or got to Council Sports Ground Weather Info

What is the uniform policy?

Please see the Uniforms page.

Athletics is a summer sport. We encourage all parents to ensure their children have adequate sun protection and drinks. If you have inadvertently forgotten a cap or sun screen, please see a member of the committee who will make alternative arrangements for the day.

Are athletes allowed to use spikes?

Spiked shoes may be worn by athletes in the U11 and above age groups in laned running events only, up to and including the 400 metre (but not a 4 x 400 relay). Track events that they may be used in are the 100, 200 and 400 runs and the 60, 90 and 200 metre hurdles.

An Age Manager may also allow spikes to be used in the Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump if they are satisfied that the athlete will behave in a proper and safe manner and remain seated when not in a trial.

  • If spikes are used they are:
  • Not to be put on before reaching the starting area of the event
  • Must be removed before leaving the event area.

Spiked shoes with spikes removed are not allowed in any events.

Starting Blocks

Little Athletics use the Sydney International Athletics Complex at Homebush as the venue for the State Relays and State Track and Field Championships, which requires the use of Starting Blocks. The Centre has purchased a supply of Blocks for the use at our Centre to allow all to become familiar with their use. Any athlete who wishes to use their own set is responsible for transporting them from event to event.

Visitors and competing at other clubs

When absent from our Centre, to compete at State LAANSW events, or if you are away on vacation and perhaps outside the Sydney Metropolitan area, an athlete may participate in events at another Little Athletics Centre. All athletes are encouraged to wear their WHLAC uniform when competing at another Centre.

Athletes will receive (1) one point for each event recorded up to a maximum equal to the number of events normally run by their age group at our Centre, on a Saturday. The events recorded must be part of the Centre’s normal running day and not a special event or Gala Day. The appropriate tickets, or a statement signed by an official of the visited Club, must be provided to the Records and Ranking Officer for verification, before those results will be accepted.

Similarly, if an athlete from another Centre is visiting, we encourage them to participate at our Centre. Visitors must be enrolled on our computer prior to the start of our normal program of events, so all visitors should try to arrive early and make contact with a Centre Official as soon as possible.

Parental Assistance

Parental assistance is required each week with set up, pack up, canteen and BBQ. A different age group is rostered on to each of these duties each week. A roster will be prepared at the commencement of the season.

All parents are expected to make themselves available to assist with duties. Parents that regularly assist with Age Manager, Age Manager Assistant, Starter, Timing Gates Operator, Canteen Coordinator, Track Assistant, Line marking and Committee duties are be exempt from set up, pack up, canteen and BBQ duties.

Each age group is to supply 2 parents for each designated duty. Age managers are not to fulfil these responsibilities.

For more information, go to the Parent Help Roster page.