Age Managers

Who are Age Managers?

Age Managers are parents who freely give of their time to lead each of the age groups on running days and to organise related activities. The Age Manager does the lion’s share of the work in managing the children on a Saturday morning to ensure that everyone has a safe, productive and enjoyable time. The Age Manager often has a large group of children and relies on parents to assist with the running of various events.

Assisting the age managers

Usually an Age Manager will require a few parents to assist with the management of the group and for the measurement and operation of the throwing, jumping and running events. If you are not rostered on elsewhere then please consider helping the Age Manager.

Maintaining discipline

The task of the Age Manager and officials is difficult enough without having to contend with undisciplined children. Parents should ensure that the behaviour of their children is of a reasonable standard. Should there be any particularly unruly children in the group they may be excluded from further events, and if applicable, coaching sessions.

The Age Manager is required to refer continuing unruly behaviour to the committee.

Age Manager Resources

As an Age Manager you also have the responsibilty of assisting the athletes lay the foundations for future development, so it is important that the Age Managers themselves are familar with skills and drills for their events. This is particularly important for field events that rely heavily on technique. Below are some basic resources to assist Age Managers with these skills and drills.