Our Uniform

The Centre singlet, / crop top. A plain single-coloured t-shirt, preferably white, may be worn under the singlet

Plain black shorts. Shorts are to be plain black, bearing no logos, side stripes or pattern markings. Bike pants or compression shorts may be worn under the shorts but these too must be plain black.

Athlete Registration number to be sewn in the middle of singlet / crop top at the front, including sponsor’s logo

Age group patch is to be sewn on either the top left hand side of crop top / singlet or on the front left leg of shorts

Coles sponsor patch is to be attached on the top right hand side of crop top / singlet

This approved uniform must be worn at all Centre and Association events (e.g. Zone, Region and State Carnivals, State Relays & State Multi-Event).

When Can They Be Purchased?

Uniforms items can be purchased:

* Saturday 1st of September 2018 – 8:30am – 11:00am
* Every Saturday morning only between 8am and 8-30am from the 15th-30th of September 2018, and then every FIRST Saturday thereafter during the 2018/19 season.

Please see Uniform Officer at the clubhouse for assistance.

Enquiries to Uniform Officer on Saturday mornings 8am to 8.30am

Current Uniform Prices (2019/20)

Singlet $25.00

Crop Tops $30.00

Bike Pants $20.00

Shorts $20.00

Polo shirt $10.00 ** SPECIAL PRICE**

Club Wind Jacket $35.00

Running Cap $15.00

2019/20 training shirt – Adult Sizes – $25.00

Payment by cash or credit card only

We will endeavour to maintain these uniform prices throughout the season, however the prices are subject to change according to any increase in supplier costs.